What is #Bitcoin and how to get some?

Now you know what #Bitcoin is, Now let's talk about how you can get them for yourself...

One of the ways that the video did say is go to an exchange... Of the exchange I use is coinbase.com for this exchange and if you are in the US you can connect your account with your bank account... For the people in the rest of the world, they do accept your CreditCard(s)... They do ask you to identify yourself with a government issued ID... The process is not really that bad and actually, the site is quite fast and you can get an app on your phone... #Bitcoin and #Ethereum wallet... With all this, they do have 2-Step Verification

The 2nd way to get Bitcoin is to mine them... You have to ways to do this, the 1st way to mine Bitcoin is to buy your own hardware... They can be expensive and the power that you will use it maybe high... Note you will need to have it on 24/7 and over time it will be less profitable and then you need to put up "X" to buy more hardware and over and over... If that is good for you go for it.


I like the 2nd way! Outsourcing it, the company you higher to mine your Bitcoin will have more experienced from you and since they have more people just like you and me. They have the power of scale so they can get the hardware at a better cost with the power... With saying all that my 1st company that I have to outsource is called Genesis Mining... They are a good company if you ask them a question they will get back to you under a day... From my experience when you buy what is called "hashpower" they will be approved very fast, the 1st one may take some time... They will pay out the profits on a daily basis if you meet the min cost... They are very user-friendly, and you can change your mining allocation very easily... They mine #Bitcoin, #Litecoin, #Dash, #Ether and #Zcash.


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