What I mean by "profits are better than wages" is, if you're an employee working for somebody else most likely you are getting paid for your time (linear income)... That is how most people live, but if you want to make more money you are going to have to ask for more time or to get a raise.

If you look at any corporation... Probably even where you work. There is the owner, then the CEO or Boss, then the managers and then the employees. These companies are you're working for profits... Lets look at a Real Estate Broker, they own the business, the real estate agents do the job of selling the homes and the broker makes a small profit on all the agents energy and that adds up to big profits!

First of all MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is not a new industry... Actually direct sales is one of the oldest industries in the world. The reason I chose this particular MLM business is as follows. You'll have to have a deeper look to really understand, but it's like franchising out your own McDonald's or Tim Horton's franchise to others. You have your franchise, you find others that would like the same franchise and you work together so everyone is benefiting... You all profit from the services you provide and the people that you've shown the business to can actually surpass you in financial gain if they have produced faster then you. That's pretty good. Do you think a McDonald's franchisee can franchise out his business... No siree.

I want for the people I have brought into the MLM business the same as I want for myself. Were all working towards the same goal... Residual income (doing a job once and getting paid over and over again...like a actor or singer) and financial freedom. This business can be worked part-time while you're doing your day job. Fit it into your day here and there. Ask any accountant and they'll tell you a home based business is a great idea for deductions on your income tax. There are many great benefits and in my business I get paid to watch TV! I use my services and get paid back money on them as well! It can't get any better than that.

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